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San Diego Board Certified Acupuncturists
Barbara Vallarta

Barbara Vallarta, L.Ac., M.S.T.O.M., D.C.C.M. is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, with a Master of Science in Traditional East Asian Medicine. She studied at both the Chicago and San Diego campuses of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, which included over 3,500 hours in acupuncture, herbal medicine, anatomy & physiology and nutrition. She practices a gentle Japanese style of acupuncture, incorporating cupping and moxibustion treatment, when necessary. She also utilizes the Balanced Method, which is a form of distal needling using the ears and extremities. With this technique, areas of the body can be treated without directly needling the site of injury.

Additionally, she received her Diplomate in Canonical Chinese Medicine from the Institute of Classics in East Asian Medicine. Here she was able to deepen her knowledge and practice of East Asian herbal medicine according to the principles of one of the most pragmatic and advanced styles of herbalism.

As part of her clinical hours, Barbara completed clinic rotations at UCSD Oncology Health Services, and UCSD’s Owen’s Clinic. She is a general practitioner, treating a broad range of medical conditions, but has a special interest in treating digestive issues, PMS and menopause, and all types of conditions due to chronic or acute pain.

Yoga and meditation are an important part of her life, and in her spare time she loves to read, go hiking, and whale watch.

Barbara approaches each treatment with compassion, listening carefully to patients’ concerns, and creating a unique treatment plan for each individual. She guides patients in both diet and exercise strategies, enabling them to take a proactive role in working towards their health and wellness goals.

Barbara approaches each treatment with compassion, listening carefully to patients' concerns, and creating a unique treatment plan for each individual. She incorporates dietary guidance and the importance of exercise, enabling patients to take a proactive role in their health and lifestyle.


Cupping Therapy
Cupping is a technique involving glass cups and fire, which creates a vacuum that pulls the skin into the cups. Fire never touches the skin, as this technique feels pleasant - like a deep tissue massage! The suction of the skin into the cup enhances blood flow to a specific area of the body where tissues were tight or painful. This treatment may leave a cupping mark on the skin, which is actually a positive sign that this treatment was needed. It floods the area with fresh, oxygenated blood, which is the first step in tissue repair.

Moxa (or moxibustion), is a heat therapy used to invigorate the flow of blood in the body. Moxa is made out of the herb mugwart (artemesia vulgaris), and has many functions within Chinese medicine.

This technique is great for pain conditions, fatigue, gynecological/fertility issues, digestion problems, and disorders of the thyroid or adrenal dysfunction.

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