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Leah Tinkham

Leah Tinkham Morgan, L.Ac., M.S.T.O.M. is a board certified Acupuncturist with a Master's degree in Traditional East Asian Medicine and a specialization in the gentle Japanese style of acupuncture. Leah as found this style of acupuncture to be particularly effective for acute and chronic pain, oncology patients, addiction recovery, stress relief, anxiety, depression, eating disorders and pediatrics. After a thorough patient assessment, Leah facilitates healing of the mind, body and spirit through the blending of modern and ancient healing techniques.

She has a diverse and extensive background with multiple medical modalities. Leah has had a life long desire to help others; she began her medical career in upstate New York as a licensed Veterinary Nurse. Working in the medical field, Leah began to observe an undeniable correlation between a patient's overall health, nutrition and psychological wellbeing. This led her to pursue continuing education in the field of epigenetics ­‐ the study of how external or environmental factors can switch genes on and off. This field of study seemed to confirm her suspicions, leading to further education into the field of psychology.

While receiving her Bachelor of Psychology, Leah had the opportunity to work with a Veterinary Acupuncturist and Herbalist. It was there she was able to witness the holistic effects Traditional East Asian Medicine has with minimal interference of placebo effect. She was not only inspired by the animal's response to Traditional East Asian Medicine, but also impressed by the profound ways Eastern and Western medicine were able to compliment one another to produce a superior level of healing. Motivated with the desire to practice healthcare on a more wholistic level, she pursued a Master's degree in Tradition East Asian Medicine.

Leah has received sophisticated training in multiple advance Japanese healing techniques including: Kampo abdominal diagnosis which is a more advanced method of assessing the root cause of a patients concern, Shonishin acupressure for pediatrics and needle sensitive patients and Mukaino meridian testing for the diagnosis of body imbalances in athletes and injuries. She is also skillful in the Tonetskyu, Chinetsukyu and Kyutoshin types of therapeutic moxabustion.

In a treatment Leah may also include cupping, gua sha and massage to restore the body, release tension and relive pain. Also, due to her background in western medicine, Leah is proficient in making appropriate referrals and suggesting lab work when necessary. She may also employ the use of liniments, essential oils, nutritional guidance and herbal medicine to improve treatment outcomes.

In addition to private practice, Leah has completed clinic rotations at multiple integrative medical centers including: Radys Children’s Hospital, University of California San Diego (UCSD) Oncology Health Services and The Women’s Shelter of downtown San Diego. While completing her Masters Leah also helped pioneer a successful mentorship program at UCSD Center for Integrative Medicine.

Beyond Traditional East Asian Medicine, she loves hiking, tennis, horseback riding, yoga, and spending time with her family and their 9 year old boxer dog, Trip.


Cupping Therapy
Cupping is a technique involving glass cups and fire, which creates a vacuum that pulls the skin into the cups. Fire never touches the skin, as this technique feels pleasant - like a deep tissue massage! The suction of the skin into the cup enhances blood flow to a specific area of the body where tissues were tight or painful. This treatment may leave a cupping mark on the skin, which is actually a positive sign that this treatment was needed. It floods the area with fresh, oxygenated blood, which is the first step in tissue repair.

Moxa (or moxibustion), is a heat therapy used to invigorate the flow of blood in the body. Moxa is made out of the herb mugwart (artemesia vulgaris), and has many functions within Chinese medicine.

This technique is great for pain conditions, fatigue, gynecological/fertility issues, digestion problems, and disorders of the thyroid or adrenal dysfunction.

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