Your First Appointment With Acu-Care Health Centers

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Your First Acupuncture Appointment With Acu-Care

Patients are seen on an appointment only basis. For an appointment at our Central San Diego office, please call 619.282.8068. To schedule for our Bonita (South Bay) office, call 619.470.4714. Or, you can or request an appointment online.

Acu-Care staff members make every effort to call the day before to remind you of your upcoming appointment. If you are a new patient we ask you to arrive 30 minutes ahead of your scheduled appointment, so you can fill out the appropriate paperwork. If you would like to fill out your paperwork ahead of time, click here to download our fillable forms, complete the forms from your computer keyboard and print them out, so you can bring them with you when you come in for your appointment. If you have insurance coverage please let us know when you first call, so that we may verify coverage before your appointment.

Please be on time! Arriving late interferes with other patients' appointments and may cause a reduction in the time we are able to spend with you.

We require a 24-hour notice for cancellation to avoid incurring a charge. We cannot accept email for appointment cancellations.

To facilitate efficient service and treatment, we suggest the following:

  • Wear loose clothing, such as shorts, sweat pants or a loose dress, for easy access to most acupuncture points.
  • Bring insurance forms and cards when applicable.
  • Bring along the names and dosages of your medications, copies of any relevant test results and/or medical documents pertaining to your health concerns.

Patient Forms

Our fillable patient forms are now available on our website. Download the forms. Then, click just above the lines, type in your information and check off appropriate checkboxes. Print out the completed forms and bring them with you when you come in for your first visit.

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Contact us at the phone numbers listed below, or .

Central San Diego Office
2852 Adams Avenue
San Diego, CA 92116
Phone: (619) 282-8068
Bonita South Bay Office
4514 Bonita Road
Bonita, CA 91902
Phone: (619) 470-4714