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Why Choose Acupuncture?

The answer is simple... It works!

Until recently, most Americans believed that drugs and surgery were the only available methods to help treat their pains and illnesses. Although these are very valuable modes of treatment and at times necessary, they may fall short of bringing adequate relief from many common ailments and chronic health problems.

In response to people's heightened awareness of alternative treatments and due to concerns over the side effects and limitations of some drug and surgical therapies, more and more people are integrating Oriental medicine into their health care programs.

Oriental medicine stresses a holistic approach to diagnosis and treatment focusing on the interaction of all bodily systems. This unique practice leads to a high success rate in the treatment of chronic and debilitating problems, as well as many types of acute injuries and illness. Oriental medical therapies frequently decrease or eliminate the need for drugs and surgery. This can be accomplished without harmful side effects. In addition to these benefits, Oriental medicine can be used as a mode of preventive health care, perhaps its single greatest contribution to the field of medicine.

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Oriental medicine is often used in combination with conventional medical practices. It can be used to:

  • Balance the side effects of conventional drugs and procedures.
  • Build the patient's strength before and after surgery.
  • Provide help where conventional medicine does not have a ready cure. This may occur in cases such as chronic fatigue syndrome, poor digestion, yeast infections, arthritis, etc.
  • Speed recovery by providing adjunctive therapy to conventional treatments.

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