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Three Harmful Misconceptions About about Microcurrent Stimulation for Facial Rejuvenation San Diego

  1. Harmful Misconception #1: The higher the intensity, the better it works.

    This is false and dangerous. The human body is exquisitely sensitive to energy. The endocrine glands, nervous system and peptides that regulate our subtle internal communication system respond to trillionths and billionths of an amp current (pico and nano-amps). Even though microcurrents can't be felt much of the time, they are still considerable stronger than our own internal bioelectricity. Microcurrents are therefore in the perfect range for powerful clinical effectiveness because they are low enough to not disturb our subtle bioelectrical balance, yet high enough to achieve the necessary benefit.

    Higher milliamp currents, as are used in muscle stimulators and older electrical stimulation facial devices, are useful at times for treating some clients with more deeply-ingrained wrinkles due to neuro-muscular fixations. This is why the facial rejuvenation therapy unit designed by Darren Starwynn, O.M.D., Dipl. Ac. includes both microcurrents and milliamps.1

  2. Harmful Misconception #2: Electric stimulation is chaotic and disturbing to sensitive patients.

    This is only true when the wrong polarity of currents is used, or when the electrical current intensity is too high.

  3. Harmful Misconception #3: Just stimulating the muscles and broad areas of the face provides a good lift.

    The superior results provided by the microlight facial rejuvenation system is due in part to the technique of applying the microcurrents and colored light through specific patterns of acupuncture points and muscle motor points on the face. Other facial rejuvenation systems and devices primarily stimulate the whole face or broad areas, often with overly-strong currents and intense pulsed light. While this can be beneficial and can improve some skin conditions, it is not as powerful and deep acting as microlight facial rejuvenation, and over time can stress the sensitive tissues and energy systems.

    Microlight facial rejuvenation's effects are more profound because acupuncture points are bioelectric gateways between the internal terrain of the body and the outer environment. Acupuncture points have more open electrical resistance than other skin areas, and has different tissue formation. One fascinating research study from Russia has shown that the acupuncture meridian pathways actually carry light throughout the body, just as fiber optic cables carry light transmissions for long-distance telephone signals.2

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