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Based on Chinese herbal traditions, with a focus on addressing American health problems

Health Concerns Formulas

Health Concerns® formulas are based on Chinese herbal traditions, with a focus on addressing American health problems. These formulas are a unique blend of the old and new, integrating modern science with herbal remedies that have been used for thousands of years. The results are fomulas that address your specific needs and assist you on your path to maximum health. Whether you are stressed out, tired or suffering from a chronic illness, Health Concerns has a formula that can help you feel better.

A number of factors set Health Concerns® apart from other herbal suppliers. First, they select the finest pharamceutical grade whole herbs that have been organically grown or harvested from the wild. They must pass government inspection and inspection by trained herbalists. On-site and off-site independent laboratories test the herbs for pesticides, sulfites and bacterial contamination to make sure they meet stringent guidelines for purity and potency. Only those herbs that pass the stricted standards are processed according to the traditions of each herb for maximum potency.

During manufacturing, all state and federal guidelines are adhered to for quality control, and quality assurance monitors oversee each step of the processing.

Concentrated in 750-mg tablets, a much higher potency than most herbal formulas, they give you the highest quality and greatest value, tablet for tablet. And Health Concerns® formulas never use ingredients from endangered plant or animal species. Samples of the final packaged products are sent for independent testing of formula purity and potency, so you can be assured of their effectiveness.

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